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Steel Batons

Telescopic Steel Batons

In order to protect yourself from an attacker, you can use a self-protection device known as a telescopic steel baton. When they are compacted, they are only 7 inches so they are easy to carry, regardless of whether you want them in your pocket or your purse. Since they are retracted to a small size, they don't look threatening. All it takes is a simple flick of the wrist, however, and the retracted 7" device suddenly turns into a formidable piece of steel that is anywhere from 16" up to 26" long.

One look at someone holding one of these items and the attacker will run in fear. After all, you can think of it as holding a steel pipe and the damage you could inflict is tremendous. One of the benefits that you get from a telescopic steel baton is that it provides extra reach. It also gives you extra power. Nobody in their right mind would think twice about coming up against someone wielding such a tool.

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If someone should happen to escalate the situation and attack you, then you can unleash the full fury of this device on them. The steel baton may be lightweight, but you can swing it as many times as you like to inflict the maximum damage.

The baton will extend to one of 3 different sizes (16, 21, 26 inches), depending on the model you use.

People often choose the baton based on their own body size and comfort level. A large person might want to carry the biggest baton but a smaller person could easily defend themselves with the smallest option.

It only takes a single flick of the wrist for the baton to achieve full extension. A little practice in advance helps you to have the feel of it and gives you confidence that it will be there for you at a moment's notice.

It doesn't matter who they are, a telescopic steel baton will stop them in their tracks. Of course, you should call the authorities after they run so they can get what they have coming to them... in jail! Steel expandable batons are the ideal options for self-defense.