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SafeFamilyLife Kits

Safe Family Life Kits

These affordable, high quality kits provide resources, education and information all in one single package. The various packages have been designed to help make family life safe at home, for elderly parents who live alone, for kids away at school and while traveling.

Each kits contains security and safety products in addition to manuals and instructional DVDs. A majority of individuals have a tendency to believe they aren't vulnerable to theft, robbery or attack. However, statistics tell a far different story.

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Every SafeFamilyLife Kit has one area of concern or aspect that it focuses on.

The Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit

contains information and products for people who live in apartments, and for home owners there is the Being Safe At Home Survival Kit

. Extreme College is a survival kit that is geared for young people who live at college

and the Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women

offers products designed for women specifically. The SafeFamilyLife Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit is for those who live in apartments. There are many items including self-defense pepper spray, a diversion safe for storing valuable,an infrared alarm, door stop alarm, and product demos on DVD. Also included are special reports to make your life more secure and safer. There are two versions of the Being Safe at Home kits - the Advanced and Basic systems

. The Basic System focuses on reports and items that are specifically for homeowners, and the Advanced System comes with a motion activated hidden camera and other additional items. The Extreme College Survival Kit contains similar items that the Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit does, but there are also items for students to carry around on campus. The items include pepper spray and an electronic whistle.

The Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women focuses on items that women should carry for her personal safety. Those items include a 130 dB personal alarm and flashlight, electronic pocket whistle and pepper spray that is disguised to look like lipstick. Reports are included in these kits as well, to help keep you more secure and safe.