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Animal Repellents

Animal Repellents Guide Is pepper spray really effective?

According to the largest U.S. police department it is. It is issued to over 35,000 sworn officers by the NYPD. Across the country it is the weapon used by officer against hostile perpetrators. Many times this initial response is the only necessary one. There are more than 300,000 USPS mail carriers that are issued Pepper Spray to protect them against coming into contact with dogs.

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Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) is Pepper Spray's active ingredient. It is derived from cayenne peppers and is completely organic. The resins from other types of chili peppers might also be used. For maximum effectiveness these pepper derivatives are highly refined. The pepper is contained within a non-active ingredient like oil or water. An aerosol canister is used to dispense the product. Different sizes are available that range from 1/2 ounce up to several ounces.

Whenever a victim is attacked, they can directly spray the product into the face of their attacker and then escape. Pepper spray is a type of inflammatory agent. Contact with it results in difficulty breathing, inflammation, pain, burning and temporary blindness. The symptoms will be temporary and there will be no permanent damage that results from it. Its full effect will last for an average of about 30 to 45 minutes, and lesser effects can last for hours.

Dog Spray and Bear Spray have been specifically formulated to use as defense against these specific animals.

Any biker, jogger or walker should carry pepper spray with them as standard equipment. Every elderly person, young girl and woman should always carry Pepper Spray with them, in the event they are attacked by a human or animal predator.

Many individuals prefer spray instead of fog or mist. It is less likely for the wind to deflect spray back at a user. Users do need to be careful that they don't get any of the spray into their eyes. Be aware that even when very careful the pepper spray will most likely leave residue on the user's hands. So you need to not rub your eyes until you have used soapy water to thoroughly wash your hands.