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We are a Family Oriented Company!

Having served in both the U.S marines and Army, needless to say i have seen alot in my many years. I have had a friend of mine get mugged and beaten while using an ATM machine and they left her in bad bad shape. I Watch the news and there is always some form of violence going on.

The elderly are having there homes broken into and sometimes there home, and become prey for the intruders. I plan to make a difference I want to help people be more safe in there daily lives. I hope i truly can show people how to protect themselves.

Here at (Non-Lethal Options) our Mission is to promote the Safety and Well Being of the public! By using our Products Too Deteer and ward off any would be attackers from harming us or our Loved ones.We believe now a days more than ever before we need to be prepared for the unexpected incident that may arise.

With Crime on the rise we need to be aware always.The most important thing in life is our familys and Loved ones! After all dont they deserve to be safe ALWAYS! A Percentage of the population would rather use a non lethal force opposed to the use of a Firearm which can be very Lethal. All our products are Law enforcement strength and backed 100%. Thanks for visiting!